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you spent the night last night. i can officially say that there is nothing better than falling asleep in your arms. i didn’t want to go to sleep because i knew the sooner i fell asleep, the sooner your alarm would be ringing, and you’d have to leave for work. we still haven’t slept together in the sexual context of “sleeping together”, but i’m pretty sure we’ll cross that off the list next weekend  once we check into our hotel for vacation.



i would drive 78 miles for you

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you would DIE if you knew what i had to do just to spend time with you tonight. we made plans for tonight a while ago. movie and relaxation at my house. the kids are with their dad tonight so you are mine all mine. you’ve never been to my house before, so naturally i’m a little nervous. also, it will be so nice to just chill. no plans, just do whatever.

but thennnnnn

the kids dad had something come up, he cant keep them tonight. i’ve been in a panic trying to find a babysitter. finally found one. only problem…she lives right by my work. the kids are at my house with M right now while i’m at work. which means….after work i am driving 26 miles home to get them, then driving 26 miles back over here to drop them off, and then 26 more miles back home to relax. i’m gunna need it….

also, you’re totallly worth it and i’m never telling you this because i sound insaaaaane. hopefully by the time you read this you won’t care about my crazy 🙂

nice package

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…dirty minds

today you booked a package for us at a resort here in town! your travel agent(moi) also secured us $200 off our next stay at any hilton. you knew i’d be in since part of the package is dinner for two(food, duh) and a bottle of wine(double duh). can’t wait for next weekend to be kid free, with Y O U.


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“i cant believe i’m falling for you so hard and quick” – you


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hey sweet boy

September 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

thank you for a wonderful date tonight. thank you for looking at me with that look you do, for holding my hand, for resting your hand on my knee, for toasting “us” with our shots of whiskey, for digging deeper into my background, for being open with me as i dig deeper into yours. thank you for the laughs, for the sweet smiles, for entrusting me to hold your sunglasses in my purse. thank you for letting me know you got home safe.

one of my favorite things about you is that you totally reaffirm my feelings. i don’t have to doubt how you feel. and i love how you talk so effortlessly in the future tense. yep, thank you for being you.


September 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

tomorrow is sunday. one week since you came into my life and even better, i get to see you. these past four days have been way to many. but it’s hard, i admit…with kids on both side, to make plans between parenting, working, etc. it’s something that is totally worth it though, and any spare time i have is yours. i feel love sick. it’s insane. like really, really insane. nobody has ever fit so perfectly into all of the aspects of what i’d always hoped for. thank you for being such a stand up man. a stand up father. and a stand up friend. someday, hopefully some day soon…i’m going to hug your mama and tell her thank you too. she certainly raised you right.

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