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“i cant believe i’m falling for you so hard and quick” – you



September 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

tomorrow is sunday. one week since you came into my life and even better, i get to see you. these past four days have been way to many. but it’s hard, i admit…with kids on both side, to make plans between parenting, working, etc. it’s something that is totally worth it though, and any spare time i have is yours. i feel love sick. it’s insane. like really, really insane. nobody has ever fit so perfectly into all of the aspects of what i’d always hoped for. thank you for being such a stand up man. a stand up father. and a stand up friend. someday, hopefully some day soon…i’m going to hug your mama and tell her thank you too. she certainly raised you right.


September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

we are both feeling spoiled after being able to spend two days in a row together. thanks in part to some half days at work for me, and his kids being with their mom, things just worked out well. now we have to spend four days apart. i can’t think about anything without him being on my mind. wishing his hand was holding the side of my face while he kisses me, as if i was the most precious thing to exist in his life. i miss him.


i wish that you were here. or i was there. or we were together, anywhere.

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